Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Epic. A word I have been using way too much lately. But for good reason.
I have not blogged since May 14th, as I have been much too (COUGH, COUGH, COUGH) busy. However, I have decided to do this new post about...what else? HARRY POTTER!
Now renamed The Most Epic and Awesome Movie That Has Ever Happened. EVER.
It was SO awesome.
It was funny, though, because before the movie there was all this confusion. The fourteen-year-olds, for various reasons, wanted to sit apart from the grownups, but then we realized that there was someone else sitting behind us who we didn't want there, so we had to move AGAIN. And there were these two old guys in our row, and they were literally keeping COUNT of the times I moved. They were like, "Now that's the third time." Obviously they needed to see that little lizard (oh, excuse me, gecko) from Geico talking in his Australian accent on the screen, and couldn't bear anyone to talk or move for fear it would hamper their view.
Anyway. Back to the actual movie. It followed the book really, really well, except for a few small things which I wouldn't have noticed if the people on either side of me hadn't felt the need to keep pointing them out. (My friend: "What? WHAT? Snape is supposed to die IN THE SHRIEKING SHACK!" Me: " doesn't matter THAT much." My other friend: "Did you just say it doesn't matter????" And so on.)
One of the best parts was the scene between Snape and McGonagall. When she whirled out with her wand, it was simply extraordinary. People were clapping all over the place, and the spells were flying, and finally SHE BEAT HIM! "I always wanted to use that spell." :D
The deaths were also perfect. When Bellatrix died, EVERYONE clapped. WOO HOO! MRS. WEASLEY! And it was so, so, SO sad when Fred died. I knew it was going to happen, but that just made it all the more sad.
Oh, and one word: NEVILLE. Did you SEE how completely awesome he was in this movie? When he cut off the snake's head, and how he made that speech about "It doesn't matter if Harry's dead. People die every day. He'll still be here, fighting with us." That was incredibly epic. And it was also nice how at the end, it was implied that he and Luna would get together.
AND the scene in the forest with Harry's parents. I'm a sucker for "I'm so proud of you, son" scenes, and this was the grandfather of them all. SO great.
When Voldemort died, it was kind of weird because he just sort of...disintegrated. It made my skin feel crawly. But it was also cool, how he just crumbled to dust. BUT they didn't have the scene where Harry says, "Try, man. Try for some remorse." And I was kind of disappointed about that. But still.
And you have to be grateful for small blessings. At least he wasn't naked in King's Cross. :P
The epilogue = amazing. Rupert Grint looked EXACTLY the same, except for maybe a little more beard. And they all went off on the train...again...AND NO MORE HARRY POTTER MOVIES EVER AGAIN!
But let's not think about that. Let's just think about the awesomeness. :)


  1. I love when Mcgonical does the suits-of-armor spell!!!!!!!! However, I do not like when neville makes his speech. wayyy too unoriginal and cheesy. I thought that the thing with harry and voldemort falling was way too weird, and I think that in general they used too many special effects. I mean, voldemort didn't have to peel away into tissue paper. He could have just died, for crying out loud.

  2. I know! I thought Neville's speech was good, but I didn't like how Voldy died. He could have just died, as you said.