Monday, April 11, 2011

Seasons in the Sun

The only reason I named this blog that title you see up there is because 1) it's nostalgic and 2) it mentions the ABCs, which is what I'm going to be covering here for you today.
Yes, my friends, I am now going to give you a fun fact for each letter of the alphabet. Why, you ask? Um, because I'm hyper. Duh. Anyone who even slightly knows me knew the answer to that question without having to ask.

A-Apples. They can be good, if they're, uh, good. And my dad has a very big obsession with them. Sometimes he'll eat a banana, and then he'll just grab an apple right after. *shrug*
B-Bennie and the Jets. Oh yes. I LOVE that song. SO MUCH. And I actually know the real lyrics; I'm probably the only person in the known world who does. Hey kids, shake it loose together, spotlight's hitting something that's been known to change the weather, we'll kill the fatted calf tonight, so stick around...we're gonna hear electric music, solid walls of sound...
C-Chocolate. Really. Who doesn't love it? I mean, except Eli. And all those, uh, other people I know who don't like it. But, you know, besides them. And Casablanca. THE movie. Humphrey Bogart + Ingrid Bergman = awesomeness. "Here's looking at you, kid."
D-DISNEY. SO GREAT. I can literally discourse for a whole hour on the Princess movies alone. Oh my gosh! I am totally going to do my next blog post on that! And, of course, Dogs. The best animals in the world.
E-Emily. My name. As every one of you who is not completely clueless knows. Oh yeah, and English. My favorite subject. SOME people, apparently, feel the need to take over that class one sarcastic comment at a time. Not so for me. English RULES.
F-Family. The most important thing.
G-GONE WITH THE WIND. YES. Gone With the Wind is an absolutely perfect movie, an epic love story. Clark Gable. Vivian Leigh. The Old South. YES! How could you get better? Also God Loves Ugly, which is an absolutely life-changing song. Just saying. (Not that I feel that way about myself, but still.)
H-Hi. A word I say much too often.
I-I? Wait, how do you spell this? Is it "I"? (If you don't know what that's from go read Calvin and Hobbes NOW.)
J-Joy. Find it in each moment.
K-K. My favorite letter.
L-Life. You know, it's the best thing that could happen to anyone. I mean, yeah, bad things might be happening, but at least you're alive. Oh my gosh! I just remembered something. There was this time when I was feeling really down, and Eli and I played this game where he would say, "Okay. You have two minutes. Think of good things, and do not stop until the two minutes are up." And I'd always start with "Well, I'm alive." (That would, of course, be followed by "The sky is blue." I mean, come on. That's a wonderful thing. What if it were green? THAT would be bad.)
M-Movies. Old and classic ones, to be exact. I LOVE them. Do you guys have the channel Turner Classic Movies? If not, you have to get it. It will always have a movie that is absolutely wonderful, like Roman Holiday (Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. You cannot get better) or It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (THE funniest movie in the entire world. I am not kidding). Plus, they actually kiss well in those movies. Not any of this disgusting slobbery stuff they show in movies these days. I mean, I do like new movies too, like Stardust and 27 Dresses (with JAMES MARSDEN, plus it has THE SONG in it), but old movies just can't be beat.
N-Never. Say that word. OHHHHH, NEVER SAY NEVER!!!!!!!!!!! (Calm down, guys. I don't like Justin Beiber. I just said that to get a rise out of all of you. Just like how I'll always start singing "Baby" in English class to annoy my friend. *wipes tear from eye* Ahhh, good times, good times.)
O-Opposites. Without them, we wouldn't have a real sense of anything. I mean, if the sky hadn't turned orange on that memorable day in July 1701, we'd never know the real joy of it being blue. Right?
P-Pride and Prejudice. The OLD one. The OLD one. Did you hear? The OLD one. The one with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. NOT the one with fish-lips Keira Knightley. The only movie Keira is good in is Bend it Like Beckham. And OMG, have you guys seen The King's Speech? Colin Firth is GREAT in it. Actually, he's great in everything. And he wasn't too bad-looking back in Pride and Prejudice days, I might add. Anyway, great movie. Enough said.
Q-Quirrell. Ha HA! You didn't think I'd think of a Q word, did you? Well, I did. I just wanted to work Harry Potter in here somewhere. It's awesome.
R-Rain. My favorite weather. Also, Rhinestone Cowboy. My favorite song EVER. It's by Glen Campbell, who was in the OLD version of True Grit. Do NOT see the new version. The old one has John Wayne. The new one has Jeff Bridges, who was admittedly pretty good-looking in his younger days, but there isn't any comparison between him and John Wayne. NO ONE can compare to John Wayne. I'm serious. Anyway, about Rhinestone Cowboy, I know it's country and blah blah blah, but I'm not ashamed of liking it. It's about following your dream, and the melody is amazing. S-Scotland. BEST. PLACE. EVER! I think everyone agrees with me on this point. Right? RIGHT? *prepares to deck anyone who doesn't*
T-Taylor Swift. My favorite singer, although my favorite SONG isn't by her. Also, Top of the World, by The Carpenters, who were like an '80s band, which is super old-fashioned, but I don't care. Great song.
U-UMBRELLA! Of course. It's el paraguas in Spanish, my favorite Spanish word. Who doesn't love umbrella? Really.
V-Vienna. The awesome place, and the awesome song by Billy Joel.
W-Why? The philosopher's question. Can you find the answer to that question? Why? Feel free to message me if you find it. Here's my answer: Because elephants are awesome. And anything unrelated to elephants is irrelephant.  
X-Xylophones. An instrument which, I'm proud to say, I can play. I learned at Fayette Street Academy, my old school, although I go to Santa Fe Prep now. Yay!
Z-Zed. The way they pronounce Z in places like England, Canada, and Australia.
:) Bye!

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  1. hey emily. you forgot y, just so you know. unless you meant to get away with it by saying 'Yay!' also, thanks for enlightening us on the zed thing, because that had me really confused for a while. my math teacher would say it, and i thought she was just confused because it's the same in french. :) miss ya!