Saturday, March 5, 2011


Prep is the best school ever. 
Pink guava ice cream with sprinkles---*sticks out tongue at certain person who decided to make fun for not getting gummi bears*---is really good. And it's from Yoberri. Go there. Seriously. 
Now everyone, I am going to reveal who I secretly am. Yes, that's right. 
Me, a definition: 
I am the girl who will burst into random laughter in English class. I am the girl who, when her friend says a totally random word like "mice" will crack up. (That's actually a true story.) I am the girl who freaks out when she gets an A-. I am the girl who thinks Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind is the most perfect guy ever (almost), and will actually bash your head in if you dispute her. I am the girl who is disgusted with most fantasy and loves classics. And not just classics, but most other books too. Oh wait, I forgot Colin Firth! Is Rhett Butler more perfect than him? It's hard to say. I am the girl who will get hyper off a Milano cookie. (Seriously. My friends have seen it happen.) I am the girl who will be totally bad/zoned out in PE, but when the teacher puts on that "Bring 'em out, bring 'em out" song (have you heard that song? It's insane) will go crazy with the dodgeball. I am one of those dreaded DGs---Daddy's Girls. (Be afraid. Be very afraid.) I am the girl who will be walking to Yoberri, and when the person next to her says, "I bet you can't guess where it is from here," says back, "I can't," and then realizes she's standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF IT. (Yes. I have 20-20 vision, but I am blind when it comes to certain things.) I am the girl who will cry at certain things like certain ends of movies. I am the girl who is religious, but will not bash in the heads of people who are not. (Although it does put a certain distance between me and that person.) I am the girl who will sit for hours watching her email and blog, wondering if ANYONE IN THIS WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD is EVER going to email her or comment on her blog. (If that wasn't a tangible hint to you all, I don't know what it is.) I am a writer, hoping to finish a story. I am the girl who loves dogs and chocolate. Duct tape! Yes, duct tape is shiny. And silver. I am the girl who is easily entertained, especially when I am hyper. I am the girl who will wear one of those newsboy caps just because they're awesome. (Hey, I should have taken Eli's hat from him! Why didn't I?) And I am the girl who is now ending this blog post. 
Goodbye and good luck. :) <3 


  1. This girl sounds awesome! (And not at all because she's a lot like myself, no, psh, that can't be it. ;])
    My older sister has a newsboy hat I steal from time to time :))) Have you ever seen the movie Newsies? It's pretty beast :)
    -inkpopper Just.Emily
    -AKA just, well, Emily. :D

  2. very nice... gotta love them gummi bears.
    know i know what to expect when i look up 'Emily' in the dictionary