Saturday, December 4, 2010


Hey hey hey!
So...I've been really procrastinating on the English essay. Now I realized that I forgot the book we're supposed to do quotations from. Grrrr.
But I'm gonna look up some quotations on the web from the book. Hopefully it'll have what I need. (Is that allowed? Looking up quotations? Well, I hope so, because nothing else will save me unless I ask one of my parents to go and get it for me, which I'm sure as heck NOT gonna do, because then I'd actually have to admit that I forgot the book and be raked over the coals.)
Nutcracker starts up this coming week...AGH! With homework and swimming, I'm gonna die. I just emailed my music teacher and told him I can't participate in Arts Night, but I had to be really firm (read: snubbing) because he's the kinda guy who just sorta dangles around and doesn't really get the message until you shove it in his face. Which I hate doing. But sometimes it has to be done.
Do you think I should start reviewing books on here? Maybe. If I have time, which I don't. I seriously cannot wait for the Christmas holidays to come. It's just the few straggling weeks before the break, but unfortunately I can't slack off like I used to at Fayette, because now I actually have homework. Who knew, right?
This post is much longer than I originally intended it to be. I'll post it, then make another post right away chronicling my essay tribulations. Which none of you are probably interested in. But still. :)
COME TO THE NUTCRACKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! December 11th at 2 pm and 7:30 pm. YAY!!!!!!!! :)

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